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Thor Tuning is backed with 20 years of tuning experience of EcuFast Europe, now in USA for your economy and performance needs for your fleet or personal vehicle.


Thor Tuning is the Orlando dealer of leading EcuFastUSA, we are committed to solve your economy and performance needs for your cars and trucks in Orlando. Thor Tuning is your new adress for chip tuning in Orlando.

Extra Performance? But I'm Not a Racer...

While there is extra performance available from the engine, this isn't the only benefit. As long as you're willing to drive normally, then you can also get an increase in MPG. It depends on the vehicle, so if you do enough miles then you can recoup the money that the remap costs. You have to remember that a heavy right foot will still use fuel, whether it's remapped or not!

The other thing is that if you have a van and carry heavy loads, then sometimes a remap can really help the driveability of the vehicle, giving you more oomph so you can zoom rather than crawl up hills.

What is dpf?

What is Diesel Particulate Filter (DPF)? How does it work?

The diesel particulate filter, commonly referred to as the DPF, is used to remove harmful particles from the exhaust gas in diesel engines.

The harmful particles contained in the burned fuel-air mixture coming out of the motordue accumulate in the particulate filter and are prevented from being released into the environment. These particles are burned (regenerated) by increasing the exhaust gas temperature, which prevents contamination of the nature. During regeneration the exhaust gas temperature is seen by the ECU. With the help of the temperature sensors on the DPF, the temperature information is sent to the E.C.U and it is possible to calculate exactly the amount of fuel required to increase the exhaust temperature.


To prevent the DPF from clogging, the particles deposited in the filter must be cleaned regularly by burning. Regeneration has different strategies.

Passive Regeneration

Particles are continuously burned without the intervention of E.C.U. This standard is provided at 3000 rpm at highway speeds. The exhaust gas temperature should be between 350 ° C and 500 ° C.

Active regeneration

When used predominantly in urban areas, the exhaust temperature can not reach enough temperature to perform passive renewal. Institutions can not be cleaned and accumulate in the filter. When you reach the threshold of clogging (18 grams) E.C.U. triggers active regeneration. The degree of carbon accumulation in the DPF is determined by E.C.U. is calculated using 2 models programmed in.

A model based on the driver profile that calculates saturation according to a specific signal pattern from the exhaust gas temperature sensors and the oxygen sensor,

Differential pressure sensor is a model that calculates the saturation according to the direction of the signals received from temperature sensors and air flowmeter.

The pressure difference sensors on the exhaust between the inlet and outlet of the DPF measure the pressure differences within the filter to the degree of saturation. The voltage to E.C.U. is increased when the filtration is detected by the obstructed sensors. E.C.U. which draws the exhaust gas temperature to the 550 C - 650 C band. To achieve this temperature increase;

Adjust the air flow,

The EGR valve is deactivated.

Mandatory Regeneration

At very short distances, it is impossible to reach the required temperature for DPF regeneration. When the saturation level reaches 24 grams, the DPF fault light is lit in kilometers per hour. This signal tells the driver to perform the regeneration route; i.e. sufficient temperatures for regeneration of the DPF have to be reached, the vehicle must be operated at a high speed over a certain distance.

Manual regeneration

If the mandatory renewal is not successful and the saturation exceeds the threshold value of 40 grams, the glow plug and engine warning light will flash on the display. In this case, the active regeneration E.C.U. is blocked by. At this point the DPF should be serviced by experienced technicians.

If the saturation exceeds the 45 gram threshold, renewal is no longer possible. This point must be changed because the DPF can not be cleaned.

Mileage Regeneration

This regeneration method depends on the travel distance. It prevents the DPF from exceeding the unhealthy level of saturation. Regardless of the filling level, E.C.U. the active regeneration is automatically triggered when no regeneration has been activated for the last 750 - 1000 km.

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